Swedish Fiction: Karolina Ramqvist

A young mother driven to the brink learns how far she will go to survive on her own terms.
Read an extract at Guernica and the January 2017 edition of Europe Now Journal. My translation of an extract from It Is the Night, Ramqvist’s long essay on what it means to be a writer, was featured on LitHub. My essay on translating the novel was published by the Paris Review Daily.
“unusual intimate perspective on organized crime” Joyce Carol Oates (on Twitter)
“This short novel, full of suspense and beautifully written dreamlike sequences, places readers directly in Karin’s situation and allows them to feel her isolation and desperation.” publishers weekly
“Though the plot of Ramqvist’s English debut may make it sound like a crime thriller, the pace is lulling, the writing sensuous and patiently observed. So much of the book, in fact, consists of long scenes of Karin nursing Dream or spending hours watching the infant play that the book feels, more than any thriller, like an allegory of parenting. Delicate and unsparing.” Kirkus review
Ramqvist won the 2015 P.O. Enquist Literary Prize.

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