On falling into ice lakes in Lapland: Be Particular Out There Podcast

Dustin M. Thomas asked me if I had a story for his new podcast Be Particular Out There (@Be_Particular), something his grandad used to say in parting…usually after telling him a story he’d never forget. This essay about hiking the King’s Trail was written for the forthcoming issue of Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, a new Berlin-based magazine that you definitely should check out. (They’ve got a sweet Christmas offer on, too.) I can’t stop thinking about Amy Liptrot’s (@amy_may) story about maps and Orkney.

So here’s my story on Nature, capital N, and treachery in the Arctic Circle. We’ll be having a chat about Lapland…and Playboy in next week’s episode. Those beautiful photos are by Adela Hurtado Saura (Insta: @adehursa).

Happy listening and Happy Thanksgiving!