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From “The Mango King”

My essay on mangos, my dad and cultivating a life was published on Catapult last week. Take a peek. Jin Choi And all along Biscayne Bay, an eerie truth of Andrew having its way: All the sea grasses are in straight lines, all leaning to the west. What’s next? —The Miami Herald, August 25, 1992 I like to tell people that… Read more →

Oxfam, Granta and Playboy Bunnies

I went to the Oxfam bookshop this weekend and guess what I found? Yes, stacks and stacks of Granta. But also this from an illustrious former Granta-ite: Richard Rayner’s Los Angeles Without a Map is a book about jumping on airplane to find a girl he had once met and landing in a city of endless possibility full of swimming… Read more →

Bob Baker

Wishing for a Christmas miracle so the theater does not close. They talk about the magnificent marionettes, but, oh boy, what an archive of music that man also has! The puppets have to dance to something. And that something makes the American Folk Anthology a little jealous.LA Times article on the possible closure. My Downtown News article on the Puppet… Read more →

Thomas Hargis

Just because I can’t be there doesn’t mean you should stay away! Thomas Hargis makes incredible photos of cityscapes. I am obsessing over the Los Angeles Theater and the Union Station photos. Read more →

Citizen LA: Viva Kiki of Montparnasse

Viva Kiki of Montparnasse! By Saskia Vogel “Viva Bedlam” was the name of the show, and viva indeed. As photographer Rick Mendoza says, “I called it that because Bedlam didn’t go anywhere. We’re keeping it alive by doing what we do.” The Bedlam Mendoza speaks of is not so much the eponymous space, but the about that creative and raucous… Read more →

The Produce News: Australian Citrus Blitz Hits LA

From The Produce News: Covering fresh produce around the globe since 1887 Retail demos boost DNE’s Australian citrus program by Saskia Vogel CULVER CITY, CA — Australian citrus growers toured 50 major supermarkets in California as part of the annual promotions of the only Australian citrus program in the United States, run for the past 16 years by DNE World… Read more →

AVN Novelty Business: 60 Years of Sexy

Shirley of Hollywood celebrates six decades By Saskia Vogel   The fourth generation of Schlobohms is being primed to jump into Shirley of Hollywood’s intimate apparel business. Roy Schlobohm, the son of founder Herman “Grampie” Schlobohm, CEO and a class-A joker, says he’s already offered to train his granddaughter Renie Walczuk in the family biz. She named 100% Babe, the… Read more →

Yogi Times: Eco-fabulous Homes Feature!

A couple of months ago, I drowned in a cup of camomile tea with two people on a mission to spread the word about how to live eco-fabulous. Their Venice Beach rental eco-cottages were ridiculously wonderful. And lucky me, the Yogi Times featured the article on their website. Read on for great tips on sustainable living and eco-friendly design.By the… Read more →

Citizen LA: Islands of L.A.

Another grand piece in the Citizen. This one’s about street art of the “make you think” kind, the kind that’s invisible, sometimes, and often for the greater joy of the public…and all on a traffic island.Think Guerilla Gardening gets a land grant. Or Wordsworth leaves the Lake District for Yosemite and shakes hands with Lincoln before jumping in a love… Read more →