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Weird Sex with Readux (You’re invited. 21 October.)

When Readux Books publisher Amanda DeMarco told me about their upcoming onex series, I had to submit something. Ideally a forgotten or little known Swedish eroticist or a writer deeply engaging with sex and power. Someone like Else Jersualem, whose 1908 novel The Red House examines prostitution and moral hypocrisy in Vienna through the eyes of a woman who grew up in brothels. It was a… Read more →

Sex.Sheknows.com: Sex Blog!

So, I was going to be writing a sex column…instead, I’m writing a sex blog for She Knows. It turns out that they’re one of the top 10 sites visited by women. It’s kind of a nice bonus in addition to getting a cool blogging gig. So, darlings, grab my feed at sex.sheknows.com and keep up with all things sexy… Read more →