Can’t Wait: Books Coming in 2015

This post is taken from my weekly lit blog at Check it out for more recommendations, events, interviews… Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant (Faber) The publication of Kazuo Ishiguro’s forthcoming novel The Buried Gianthas already been called the “literary event of the year”. His first novel in a decade follows a couple searching for their the lost son they haven’t seen in years. Last… Read more →

from “The Boys”

Here’s an extract from Jessica Schiefauer’s young adult novel Pojkarna (The Boys). It was originally published by Words Without Borders. There’s a movie of the book coming out next year and the picture above was taken on-set by Karolina Pajak. Now, onward to masquerades and magical flowers… It was a balmy night, spring had started to slip into early summer, the trees’… Read more →

Join us! Local Transport: 15 January at the ACE Hotel

From shadowy alleyways and glittering towers to fighting demons in your damp bedsit LOCAL TRANSPORT asked filmmaker JAMES BATLEY and authors ZOE PILGER and BEN LERNER to reveal their DARK PLACES. One hour of cultural adventure, a fully-stocked bar, and communion with the darkest spirits in London. Doors at 7pm, Act One soon thereafter. ACT ONE We kick off the… Read more →

Press for New Swedish Fiction at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch

A splash of press from the Audible UK blog on a New Swedish Fiction Night, co-organized by Dialogue and SELTA. A Night in Translation by Claire O’Neill Last Thursday we had the pleasure of an invite to Saskia Vogel’s Swedish anti-crime lit session, including actors from Liars’ League and a select audience of East London’s lit folk. Huddled in the depths of Shoreditch’s The Ace… Read more →

Finland’s Philip Teir on Bilingual Publishing and the Global Novel

Finland’s Philip Teir is a culture editor, anthologist and author who we hope to be reading in English soon. Teir’s much anticipated debut novel The Winter War: A Novel about Marriage, published today, is a tense, funny depiction of family, globalization and life’s little disappointments during a long, cold winter Helsinki winter when everyone, as Teir says, is drinking a little… Read more →

Watch.Listen.Groove. Local Transport at the Ace Hotel

Dialogue and Salu are kicking off a new event series at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch on 18 September. Come along! ACT I: WATCH Get under the skin of Lorenzo Vitturi’s acclaimed photographic series Dalston Anatomy with an exclusive multimedia performance in collaboration with poet Sam Berkson, currently exhibited at The Photographer’s Gallery. From found objects to street scenes and portraits of locals, these… Read more →

Mermaid Round-up

Mermaid ephemera that you sent me and that I’ve stumbled across lately: a Japanese horror film, Paper Darts magazine, what can only be a sexual fetish, an Adult Mag Bedtime Story, hipster Ariel and more. The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan. One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (?? in… Read more →

More Love for Readux Books

Necessary Fiction put us in the New Publisher Spotlight. Thanks, guys! Here’s their review of Amanda Svensson’s “Where the Hollyhocks Come From”: “Where the Hollyhocks Come From by Swedish author Amanda Svensson (tr. Saskia Vogel) is a one-breath kind of story, thirty little pages that must be read from start to finish in one go. The narrator tells us—haltingly, but with no… Read more →