Mermaid Round-up

Mermaid ephemera that you sent me and that I’ve stumbled across lately: a Japanese horror film, Paper Darts magazine, what can only be a sexual fetish, an Adult Mag Bedtime Story, hipster Ariel and more. The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan. One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (?? in… Read more →

More Love for Readux Books

Necessary Fiction put us in the New Publisher Spotlight. Thanks, guys! Here’s their review of Amanda Svensson’s “Where the Hollyhocks Come From”: “Where the Hollyhocks Come From by Swedish author Amanda Svensson (tr. Saskia Vogel) is a one-breath kind of story, thirty little pages that must be read from start to finish in one go. The narrator tells us—haltingly, but with no… Read more →

From Books You Think I’ve Read

Recently, I read a profile of a female media mogul that made a passing reference to the fact that she and her husband read all of the same books. Each and every one. That’s real love, I thought, and immediately came down with a case of reader’s guilt. How does reading the same books strengthen our bonds, romantic or platonic?… Read more →

Kwani at 10: The Making of Pan-African Literary Community

In the ten years since its launch, Kwani?, East Africa’s first literary journal, has led the growth of literary life in the region — and now looks ahead. Reposted from Publishing Perspectives. By Saskia Vogel Kwani?, East Africa’s first literary journal, turned ten in November 2013 and the waves of their five-day long anniversary celebration continue to ripple half a… Read more → It’s the End of the World, Again

Growing up in Los Angeles, there was always the threat of the end: the earth would shake and take the city with it. After the 1992 riots, I couldn’t let go of the feeling that the city could rupture again, at any time. The hills would burn, the land would slide. Or we’d use up all the water and then… Read more →

Yawn No More: Americans and the Market for Foreign Fiction

As proven by the conversations at BookExpo America, American publishers, editors and readers may finally be coming around to embracing more foreign literature. Reposted from Publishing Perspectives. By Saskia Vogel Nose-guard. Knouse-gourd. Knausgaard. Karl Ove Knausgaard’s name was on everyone’s lips. Some were uncertain how it should be pronounced and said as much, other simply raved about the Norwegian author… Read more →

New Readux quartet, Just in time for summer

  And the TLS thinks we’re perfect reading for the hot, long days of summer. Kate Webb wrote, “I’m trying Readux’s English translations (by Saskia Vogel and Katy Derbyshire among others) of young European authors (Cilla Naumann, Malte Persson) and classics generally overlooked by anglophone readers (Franz Hessel’sIn Berlin: Day and night in 1929, translated by Amanda DeMarco, for example):… Read more →

Go watch Public Sex, Private Lives

(I love her mirror face.) A while ago I interviewed the filmmaker Simone Jude about the documentary Public Sex, Private Lives around the Kickstarter project for the film. The documentary features Princess Donna, Isis Love, and Lorelei Lee being candid, sharp and charming about their lives in and out of porn. It’s a wonderfully human documentary and an intelligent look… Read more →


The Sia “Chandelier” video is out of this world. I kept readying myself for the perfection to slip, but that Cris-Cunninham-does-Aphex-Twin meets David Lynch thing is just sublime. The madness and passion. And mad dance skillz. I keep waiting for a Lolita moment, but no. Evie Wyld said at an event at Skylight Books recently that she wanted to write… Read more →

Siren Song

We’ve always been Hungry, alone and together A mermaid interlude. Please share more in the comments, if you fancy. Wangechi Mutu+Santigold: The End of Eating Everything The Silence of the Sirens by Franz Kafka (trans. Willa and Edwin Muir) Juan Son: Mermaid Sashimi Weeki Wachee   Jessica Stoller Read more →