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Mermaid Round-up

Mermaid ephemera that you sent me and that I’ve stumbled across lately: a Japanese horror film, Paper Darts magazine, what can only be a sexual fetish, an Adult Mag Bedtime Story, hipster Ariel and more. The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan. One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (?? in… Read more →

Go watch Public Sex, Private Lives

(I love her mirror face.) A while ago I interviewed the filmmaker Simone Jude about the documentary Public Sex, Private Lives around the Kickstarter project for the film. The documentary features Princess Donna, Isis Love, and Lorelei Lee being candid, sharp and charming about their lives in and out of porn. It’s a wonderfully human documentary and an intelligent look… Read more →


The Sia “Chandelier” video is out of this world. I kept readying myself for the perfection to slip, but that Cris-Cunninham-does-Aphex-Twin meets David Lynch thing is just sublime. The madness and passion. And mad dance skillz. I keep waiting for a Lolita moment, but no. Evie Wyld said at an event at Skylight Books recently that she wanted to write… Read more →

INVERSE-EVOKE: Art and Text – London,19-28 November

Kanitta Meechubot is showing five new works in an upcoming group show at RK Burt Gallery, London. Of these works, Meechubot says: “For the past four years, I have constantly developed the hand cutting paper from images into three-dimensions sculpture pieces. I explore to keep the beautiful moment of love and pain in life. Within these moments we collect, will engrave… Read more →

A Tribute to Carlos Batts – November 15 – One Night Only Fundraiser at Antebellum

On 15 November, for one night only, the Los Angeles arts community will flood Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood with love and artworks, in the memory of Carlos Batts and to raise funds for his widow April Flores. Batts, filmmaker, photographer, artist, passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, at age 40 on October 22. His wife and muse April Flores has been hit with costly… Read more →