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Yawn No More: Americans and the Market for Foreign Fiction

As proven by the conversations at BookExpo America, American publishers, editors and readers may finally be coming around to embracing more foreign literature. Reposted from Publishing Perspectives. By Saskia Vogel Nose-guard. Knouse-gourd. Knausgaard. Karl Ove Knausgaard’s name was on everyone’s lips. Some were uncertain how it should be pronounced and said as much, other simply raved about the Norwegian author… Read more →

Readux Books Series 2

The latest Readux series is out, with my translation of “The Lesson”, Cilla Naumann’s story of a teacher pushed too far and the heavy scent of puberty. I love it in the way I love David Mamet’s Oleanna. Readux hosted a launch party at the Waldo Bar in Berlin this week, where the pre-equinox evening seemed to make us all… Read more →

An Open Letter from Richard Russo

I love this so much, I had to repost it. My adoration of Richard Russo is increased. Dig him here on NPR. Thank you, Literary Death Match! Enjoy. @richardrusso (LDM Austin, Ep. 1 judge) An Open Letter to My Fellow Authors It’s all changing, right before our eyes. Not just publishing, but the writing life itself, our ability to make… Read more →

Granta Podcast: Lina Wolff

©Håkan Sandbring/ ‘I think in the beginning it was a crisis. I started to write because I felt the need to fit in, and not be an outsider… I have felt bound to an outsideness and an otherness.’ I was wondering where-oh-where this podcast had gone. Its arrival on completely slipped past me amidst the whirling waltzes of late.… Read more →

Granta 124: Travel: The July Launch (and my translation)

Granta 124: Travel is launching in London, New York and San Francisco this July. I’m particularly looking forward to this launch because Lina Wolff will be in town., Not only is she an incredible author, but I’ve had the honor of bringing her work into English. Come out and celebrate the new issue and meet Lina. Liars’ League Presents Granta 124: Travel… Read more →

Tahmima Anam: The Granta Podcast, Ep. 76

Photo by Zahedul I Khan The final in Granta‘s series of podcasts featuring the Best of Young British Novelists 4, I speak with Tahmima Anam about making a home in London and migration. Anam is the author of the Bengal Trilogy, which chronicles three generations of the Haque family from the Bangladesh war of independence to the present day. Her… Read more →

Granta Podcast: Sarah Hall

In which I interview one of my favorite authors, and we discuss wolves, tattoos and the power of landscape. Sarah Hall was born in Cumbria and lives in Norwich. She is the multiple-prize-winning author of four novels: Haweswater, The Electric Michelangelo, The Carhullan Army (published in the US as Daughters of the North) and How to Paint a Dead Man; a collection of short stories, The… Read more →

Ethics and Photojournalism: Where is the Line?

Hello friends and friendly readers In the latest Granta podcast, we have an incredible trio of creatives discussing ethics and photography. To kick the evening off, I did a dramatic reading of photographer Darcy Padilla’s diary of The Julie Project. I would love to know where you feel the line is drawn between photojournalism and exploitation. xoSaskia About the event… Read more →

Rich Ferguson: 8th & Agony

(Photo by Cat Gwynn) I think what I find so fascinating about Rich Ferguson is his absolute ease with his being. I think what I find so fascinating about Rich Ferguson is his absolute ease with his being uncategorizeable. You see Rich, you think hey, it’s ok to be a storyteller, so long as you’re a musician, and the work… Read more →