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Fiction: Not Departed

I do this so you can wrap your palms around the leathers of my spine long after I am gone. I do this so that I can live on and on in the silent whispers that warm your mind’s waking hours like the early dawn. Your body can hold nothing of me. It is my duty to provide you with… Read more →

Erotic Review: Undress Me Now

When stocks go up, so do ladies’ hemlines, and vice versa, they say. So with the UK barely making its way out of the recession, what does it say that women have ditched their skirts entirely? Read more →

How the Most Beautiful Girl in the World Spent Christmas Alone

The talking buses were on a limited holiday schedule and it was an unusually quiet night. Lorelei listened to the silent city and monitored the trail of semen running along her inner thigh and onto his graying sheet. Since he had uncupped her breast, she had been measuring his breath. Watching him kick and roll in his sleep. He was… Read more →

Erotic Review 99: California Dreaming

California Dreaming By Saskia Vogel When I’m not keeping an eye on the European adult entertainment market as editor of AVN Europe, I study. Imagine me in whatever sultry postgraduate scene you like. Absent-mindedly nibbling on the end of a pen, sporting an unintentionally too-open shirt that offers you a flash of lace when I bury my head in note-taking.And… Read more →